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ServiceMon is a standalone, extensible, real-time, service monitoring tool for Windows written in .NET. It was originally developed by Kaleida to monitor the status of critical web services and web pages of its RightCalc product. It has now been released under the GPL license and is completely free to use.

10 Foot View showing successful, active monitoring 3-Panel Split Example Statistics View showing a distribution of response times

A script is used to control which services and web pages you would like to monitor. To test the availability of Google’s home page you’d use this line:

http-get "" must-contain "<title>Google</title>"

This screenshot shows the built-in script editor:

Once monitoring has begun, each operation is executed in order – one per second, or at an interval of your choice – and a test is performed on the received response. Test failures are recorded and their severity is reflected, with a colour change, on the “10 foot” status display – a screen designed to be viewed from a distance of up to 10′. Failures are reset manually, or once the error has become old.

Once your script has been running a while, and sufficient data has been collected, you can view the combined or operation-specific performance statistics:


  • Standalone, real-time, lightweight service monitoring tool.
  • Setup and configuration take just a couple of minutes.
  • Monitoring actions can be scripted using the built-in scripting language and edited using ServiceMon’s editor or your favourite plain text editor, such as Notepad++, TextPad or Visual Studio
  • All configuration files and scripts are plain text files which allows them to be easily shared, compared for differences and stored in a source control system (such as SVN or Git).
  • Built-in support for many operations including HTTP GET, the status of a Windows service, TraceRoute, Network Ping and CruiseControl.NET build status.
  • Numerous ways of testing the response including equality, test for a particular phrase, test based on time taken.
  • Custom monitoring commands and tests can be added within minutes using .NET
  • “10 Foot” Status indicator. A real-time status display which is visible from over 10 foot away to provide immediate notification of a test failure and act as an information radiator (or Big Visible Chart).
  • Monitor can run as full screen, mini view or as a system tray notifier.
  • Automatic graphing of response time distributions and aggregate statistics of minimum, maximum, average and the Nines (90th, 99th, 99.9th and 99.99th percentiles).


  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Microsoft.NET 4

Read the Getting Started guide or Download ServiceMon now.